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First Blog on my new website.

david clemenComment

It has been a while since I had my website live. I took it down for a while to focus on family life. I was engaged and we were getting ready for the wedding. Now that life has settled in quite nicely, and I have been given a beautiful place to work it is time for me to share my love of drawing and design. I am excited at taking the next step with my artwork. I have always created art, but never focused on the selling and sharing of the work. The time has come for me to allow the gifts in front of me. All this new technology can be overwhelming at times, yet I am going to keep it simple: create, design, and produce awesome stuff and provide it to people who dig it.

That being said, I am embarking on a new journey where instagram, facebook, and tribes of artists come together and have a place to share, express, and experience like no one has before. I find it exciting, nerve wracking, fulfilling, and am hopeful of learning and growing.