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This past Sunday afternoon, I headed out to a local park. Greenfield Lake was the destination. I was going on a Photography walk. I was in search of some nice shots of the local wildlife. This park is known specifically for the cypress trees and local alligators. I was a little more interested in the birds. They have blue and grey herons. These are large birds and quite impressive to see flying around. After a nice stroll around the path, I got to the back side of the park and got off the paved path and walked down into a creek and noticed a blue heron and a white heron sitting statuesque. Once I changed the setting on my Nikon D5000 to the action setting with no flash, I walked slowly in hopes of capturing a great photo. The birds did not disappoint, flying around and showing off a bit. With all the movement, I wasn't sure if I got even one decent photo. Cut to: Thursday evening after work, dinner, etc. I headed out to the "shdave" or david's shed as my step daughter and wife call it. I went to transfer all the photos from that walk and to my surprise I was gifted with an incredible photo. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have....I still can't believe it. As with most shoots I only got "the one" on this shoot, the rest of the flying birds were blurred, dark, and unremarkable.

grateful to have captured this moment in time.....

grateful to have captured this moment in time.....